Harvard University Summer School

Biology S-80


4 units
9-10 am

Robert G Van Buskirk

This course is an introduction to the organization and function of nerve cells. Topics that are covered include signaling characteristics of nerve cells, neurotransmitters, sensory cells, and the functioning of simple circuits. A special emphasis is placed on modern techniques such as molecular neurobiology, patch clamp, PET, and MRI used to investigate nerve cell and brain function. The cellular and molecular basis of neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and myasthenia gravis will be emphasized. The use of novel clinical strategies such as cell transplants to treat Parkinson's disease will also be reviewed. Lectures will include multimedia (animations, time-lapse microscopy) presentations of neuronal processes.

Instructor's Toolkit
URL: http://www.courses.fas.harvard.edu/~bios80/

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