Authority in a cross-cultural perspective:
A workshop in the spring term of 2001

Third Meeting: May 7, 2001
Boylston Hall G-02, 10:00 am
PROGRAM OF FIRST MEETING Now Including Handouts!

The goal of this initiative is to bring together people working in different historical/cultural fields to share their knowledge with each other. The topic we will be addressing is authority, not in the sense of the prerogative regulated by law or custom for some people to give orders to other people, but rather as the quality that makes an individual, a performance or a text authoritative.

In order to facilitate communication between experts of different fields, we have developed a grid of questions, a sort of checklist. Each meeting will feature 3-4 presenters, a respondent, and a general discussion of the proceedings. The papers, around 30 minutes in length, will address some (or ideally as many as possible) of these topics with specific reference to the field of expertise of the speaker. Even explaining why a certain question does not make sense in a certain field can be very interesting. Speakers are not supposed to embark in special research on the topic, but rather to give a survey of the state of the art in their field. Ideally abstracts and handouts will be pre-circulated at least one week in advance of seminar meetings.

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