The basics of wavelets arrived at through Fourier analysis and convolution. Some work with MATLAB software also. Dr. Derek Bruff teaches it.
web only
Fundamentals of Web Dev
A great resource for stuff I sometimes forget, like the XHTML DTD or how does mobile computing work.
Web Development with XML
my old public_html on minerva
copy of home directory on miverva. Not sure if I should display this.
web-related programming
C, Unix, and CGI programming
Distributed programming suitable for Web applications on Unix Web servers such as Apache. We write programs in C, learn how to use Bourne shell scripts to execute them together, and then we use these scripts on the Web for users to use. Taught with the great Bruce Molay.
After doing enough low-level C progamming, I can definitely appreciate how relatively easy Perl is to work with, and I'm really glad I learned about it, because I've been actually using it on my own pet projects, as well as some of my web work.
See a small sample of the work I did for Practical Perl with Austin Lin. It's not much, and the page could use some upkeeping, but you get the general idea...
Unix Systems programming
The gritty details of the Unix system and how it functions through writing involved C programs that mimick common Unix utilites such as sttyand last. Knowledge of system details and acquired programming proficiency pave the way for writing larger applications, such as net-Pong, a Unix shell, and a HTTP 1.0 server. Also with Bruce.
Ambush at Juction Rock
Here's the temporary home for the AJR mp3s I made from actual cassette tapes (don't laugh). I hope they're listener-friendly enough for you's.
!NEW! Here's a primitive podcast I've set up for new recordings. Point your podcast or RSS feed reader to the link above.
Commodore Vic LLC
some of my ideas for CV Web site, none of which were heeded.
Pictures, sounds, colors, words, outfits...
Our fearless leader's foray into the blog world
Czech Republic
Directory index of miscellaneous stuff related to Czech Republic.
Pictures from my trip, organized by day.
Some notes from my travels to Richmond VA and mid-atlantic.
Brush up on the U. S. Constitution with, um, style.
samsara is a Web server living somewhere in Japan. It is run by the great Al Hoang, who has generously given me a shell account on his machine. This is a great resource for me, and I'm really glad I have it.
CSS stylesheet that I like to use (may seem like a familiar style?).
online man pages for UNIX and C libraries as they appear on the samsara system.
I just want to see if this would work--I don't really update this blog thing very often, so don't get yer hopes up...
blog powered by Blosxom, a Perl blogging script. I really should hack my own version of it that better suits my needs.
the official home of samsara, an E-playground for its citizens. Links to the sites of all members, and features Al Hoang's weblog. Good stuff.
the public_html directory of samsara, where I do some work on things sometimes.
Lecture Demo Web
This was on of my very favorite projects to work on, since it has to do with science education and a little showbiz too.
Lecture Demo site, my vers with old cgi stuff
The actual Lecture Demo site, with the real scripts and stuff
keeps track of my_demolist usage on a rotating xml log
another usage log thing that I like to look at
SPL is an ongoing project with me and my dad regarding technology patent law. It's split between making a small Website for a Siliconvaley Patentlaw Group PC, a firm that my dad would like to have someday, and some small software tools that patent lawyers would find useful, for better or worse.
on the web
The latest build of the official site, complete with a CGI-PHP mail form.
This is the png banner I made for the new spl Website. It's dynamically generated from SVG by Cocoon, which uses Apache Batik to rasterize it.
This is a construction area for the SPL Website, where various files have piled up. The new/xml/ subdirectory is where the XSLT stylesheets and XML datafiles live.
Some programming projects on FAS for my dad.
Unix Programs
An HTTP 1.0 server written in the spirit of Apache HTTP Server. It can mainly run on the %ice machine but can be recompiled to run in any Unix/Linux environment.
Unix Shell (the Al-Shell) written in the spirit of the Bourne Shell
Yellow Brick Self-Storage
Nifty little Perl script I made to make the process of changing the prices for the yellowbrickselfstorage.com site more efficient, by putting the prices in XML and then just making some XSLT to put them in HTML. I should go back and edit this work.
My working version of www.yellowbrickselfstorage.com, complete with awful Flash-animated navigation bar and cheesy graphics. Hey, I didn't design it, ok? I just try to make it better.
California alternative-country music new and improved for the Web, thanks to me. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I hope I can do more like it soon. That reminds me, I have to make some updates!
Final project for Web dev class with David Heitmeyer. I used a templating system to make all the pages look the same.
magazines / blogs
I've always been too lazy / poor to actually subscribe to the salon.com onlne magazine, but I guess I can get their feed for free. Allright...
I'm curious as to what slate.com is all about...I always did like Mike Kinsley when he was on Firing Line, but that was a long time ago sheesh.
Keep tabs on the worst Web design mistakes and practices with Vincent Flanders and The Daily Sucker. I hope I'm never featured in this thing!
NASA and space stuff
I like space. It's important work, plus it's a source of cool images.
See what's going on with the world's most favorite space agency
Yeah, I like to listen to NPR. Got a problem with that?? I like to listen to it when I work--it's soothing and keeps me company. Oh yeah, and beacuse I hate America.(?)
Ms. Gross and who she's talking to on her radio show from WHYY in Philly. Who knows, maybe Gene Simmons will be on??
the top news stories of the hour
Check in on what's going on today on WBUR.
Now that I got a iPod, I'm into geeking out with it, seeing if I can figure out new ways of using it. Plus iPods and podcasting is all about XML, which I think is neat.
I guess this is some kinda crazy rock and roll show. From the website: The Greatest Rock and Roll That You Have Probably Never Heard. Interviews and Geek Talk from a Rock and Roll Geek.
No, it's not like the regular talk radio you hear on the AM bands--it's Web radio about Internet technology (for geeks).
The latest on the Engligh Premiere League and other football stuff from accross the pond.
Current weather observations from Logan Airport Boston (KBOS) issued by NOAA. My guess is that pilots on the ground or in the air can get the feed from their cockpits